About APM Academy

Dr. Adya Prasad Memorial Academy (APM Academy) is a concept of school where students of all abilities and backgrounds study together as one great family. Education, we believe in a dynamic and life long process of learning. We are determined to provide a warm, friendly, supportive and joyful learning environment so that our young students find enjoyment and success in their learning. We aim to encourage them to work hard,to aim high and develop such values that will make them Wholesome personalities with strong community values.

Through our holistic curriculum blended with Indian culture and heritage we try to help our students to succeed academically, develop fine sensibilities through love for fine art and develop a scientific temper by savouring the fun of Science and Technology. We strongly believe that each individual who comes to us is unique and gifted. Hence, it will be our endeavour to help each student to discover his latent strengths and weaknesses. The school will provide a supportive and secure environment where each student is motivated to aim high, find his place in society and respect the aspirations of his peers. We help our children to grow in all dimensions by providing space, quality and individual care. The school family, by following our three motto words- Discipline, Hard Work and Humanity ,will build on success, help our students to develop as complete human beings with strong moral ,social ,emotional , intellectual and spiritual values.

OUR Aims and objectives

Our school aims at preparing the future generations to lace the challenges of a dynamic world order. Great emphasis is laid on character building democratic and secular values of lndian Culture.

Our obiectives are:
* To impart quality education of a high“ standard to all, irrespective of caste,creed or colour.
* To foster international understanding and brotherhood through a broad based progressive educational programme.
* To sensitize children to the need of maintaining environmental purity and ecological harmony.
* To provide sound training in leadership cooperation, team spirit and to cultivate humanistic and scientific temper.
*To inspire students to be original and be them nurture their creative potential.